What if the way to thrive in your relationships is not to change the people around you?

“No one has ever loved anyone the way everyone wants to be loved.”

– Mignon McLaughlin

Connected. Conscious. Resourced.

Relating in a new world takes practice. And so much more.

We ALL want our relationships to feel enlivening, enriching, and like a true partnership.

But first we have to learn the skills (yes, skills) needed to tease apart ourselves from others, to tell the truth, to face anger, fear, sadness, happiness and everything in between. And to do so as willing creatures who are conscious and aware of the quality of the demands we make. 

So much gets in the way of being the person you need and want to be in your relationships, both with yourself and others. Habits, family dynamics, years of assumptions and learned reactions, trauma, unchecked fear… the list of causalities of crumbling relationships is very, very long. But the simplest truth is this: we as a culture are not offered the skills and learning needed to gain a vital and necessary sense of who we are and how to function without the need for external validation. And in the absence of this ability, we crave whatever our individualized version of truth and desire looks like and try to mold our loved ones around those desires.

But when you learn how to be fully conscious of the power dynamics between two (or more) humans in relationship and are resourced enough to deeply grapple with the complexity afoot, you can attend to each other without manipulating or leveraging pain. 

That’s what it means to revel in relationships.

My work is to restore that connection with your true self and your conscious, erotic being such that you can experience yourself authentically, which then allows you to express yourself authentically.

When two people can do that together, that’s when connection can truly take root.

I work with individuals, couples, and in small groups (romantically involved or not) to begin the process of discovery, understanding, and skills development needed to truly uncover and thrive in your own aligned desire – in relationship with others and in your very own skin.

The demand of this work is high, but the payoff is vast and truly life changing. 

If you find yourself nodding along and understanding everything you’ve read thus far, I invite you to reach out. You do not need to be in the midst of a relationship crisis to ‘need’ this work. What I do is not therapy and it is not a map to follow to ‘fix’. It’s a deep, guided mentorship designed to connect you to lost wisdom, innate truth, and an aligned sense of who you are and how you relate to others.

How it works:


Option 1: Review some of the one on one exercises you can try with Tanya for an introduction to this body of work here: Choose the best exercise for you


Step 2: Select one or more exercises and complete the intake form for each exercise you have chosen to work on.


Step 3: Choose a date and time from the appointment calendar here and secure the appointment with the one time fee per exercise.


Step 4: If you choose to continue working together you can choose from a few simple packaged offerings.


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