Relating is a skill that requires diligence, grace, mastery, and resources.


Relationships are not a thing. Relating is an active, alive process. A dance between humans.

My work is to teach you what your dance looks like and how to make it an experience you create.

Together we learn and grow into a different relationship. First with yourself, then with a partner.

“I’m finally realizing that I can’t seem to make it all work. And that knowledge is profoundly painful.”


This is where you see that, ultimately, what you bring (or fail to bring) to your relationships will dictate their outcome.

All your pain.

All your joy.

All your trauma.

All of it is a part of you.

But it isn’t just baggage to be lugged around like a burden. It’s a set of tools to be honed. Learned. Understood. Reveled in.


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