The Audacity of Ecstasy


The Audacity of Ecstasy


A Personal Development Course in Discovering Your Core Erotic Expression


Revel is … accessing the real power of intimacy.
The ability to experience the authentic desires and drives of your passion and express those desires through a life of created relationship disciplines in willing devotion and fully in service of the accomplishment, investment and mission of your life's purpose.

Revel is....learning to play all over again
Reconnecting to the innocent, innate, perfect you that you have always been and breathing freedom into your most natural aspirations and dreams in a whole new way.

Revel is … a self-guided journey.
A departure from the common condition of the world where we judge, assess and qualify ourselves and others with subjective estimations. Returning to a system of relating to ourselves and others as innately valuable; endowed with unique interests and attributes that identify each of us as “me”.

Revel is ... self discovery.
A self directed personal redemption and atonement. A sweetly familiar path through the longings of your child’s soul and a restoration of the dignity that wants to be seen, known, experienced and expressed in all of your life’s interactions.

Revel is … an organic unveiling.
Locating innate erotic values and honoring innate essential virtues that are fundamental elements of who you are as a collage of naturally rewarding experiences and expressions.

Revel is ... systematically untangling.
Disengage from the tangled narratives you have assumed to be your identity from outside influences and get reacquainted with the original design of who you always have been. Play with the new freedom to honor your natural and most authentic wants and needs.

Revel is … discovering and aligning values.
Identifying fundamental core values that inform the innate motivational elements in your life. Clarifying where to focus your energy and efforts in alignment with your values and attaining goals in life for new levels of natural fulfillment and satisfaction.


We tend to think of the erotic as an easy tantalizing sexual arousal. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way
— Audre Lorde


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