Relationships are work.

Does it have to be this hard all the time?

If you’re doing lots of work and having no fun, something’s wrong. 

Yes, relationships require work, but you do the work so that you can have fun in them.

Perhaps you find yourself thinking, “It is just too much work. It’s always work.”

With no reprieve from the work, and no reward, why would we continue doing so much work? The payoff should be better, right

This is a common sentiment in relationships. You try to do the right thing, you go to a therapist, read all the books on improving your communication, you keep gathering tools, always looking for more tools. You try the tools. And they don’t work. The results just aren’t there.

The more you to try to fix your relationship, the harder it gets and the more distance gets created. This leaves you with a genuine sense of loss.

All we really want is connection.

We want to be heard, to be understood, to be appreciated. We want to be admired, well regarded, and respected. 

We deserve this, but are not entitled to it. 

To claim it, we first have to learn the skills of leaning in, of being sensitive, of being vulnerable, of laying ourselves bare before another. But without skill and practice, it can all feel too dangerous.

Without real and true comfort in our own skin, we humans forfeit the innate ability to really, truly connect with one another.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Hi, I’m Tanya. I’m a relationship mentor and guide who helps people like you embrace the truth that is at the root of feelings of separation and distance, threat and protection. I help you to befriend yourself with honesty, so you can present yourself authentically with others and create real intimacy and confidence in your relationships.

I have guided people through this work in a variety of contexts. People in intimate relationships as lovers and spouses. People in familial relationships who feel estranged or misunderstood. People in business relationships who experienced power struggle instead of power exchange.

I help people recognize their own value through finding their core values and core virtues and by developing a new relationship with themselves first.

Using a four core emotions, emotional authentication model, we give true voice to feelings that have been long stifled and are causing separation in their relationships. When the individual embraces their own sense of separation from themselves, it becomes almost effortless to allow others to see us as we are, and for intimacy to be created.

Revel’s work has provided people with a greater sense of personal peace and a renewed sense of their importance, value, and purpose in life. In their relationships, they experience an ease of communicating and a clarity that they’ve never experienced before. And with that possible, they experience a sense of intimacy and connection that they previously only imagined, but had not yet experienced.

If you are struggling to relate, reach out.